Major Russian road and bridge projects are being planned

27 September 2021
Major Russian road and bridge projects are being planned

Several major construction projects for highways and bridges are planned for Russia by the state-owned road company Avtodor. Of note is that Russia has boosted its road building budget by US$2.73 billion, having sourced additional financing.

One of the important projects is for the construction of the M-12 highway, connecting Moscow with Kazan. The work is expected to cost around $8.7 billion to complete and should be ready for drivers in 2024, featuring a maximum speed limit of 130km/h. Just over $2 billion of the funding required is being supplied by the National Wealth Fund. When the highway is ready it will take around 6 ½ hours to drive between the two cities. One of the key structures along the highway will be the 3.4km bridge spanning the Volga River. This will feature a total of 28 support piers and will weigh around 45,000tonnes.

Meanwhile, a 1,600km highway is planned that will connect Yekaterinburg with Krasnodar. Construction is expected to commence in 2023 and around 50% of the route should be complete by 2030. Some of the funding required will be provided by the National Welfare Fund.

And a new road will connect Kislovodsk and Adler, linking the Caucasian Mineral Waters with the Black Sea coast at an estimated cost of $1.24 billion. In addition, a bypass will be built around Aksay in the Rostov Region at a cost of $232 million, with working starting in 2023.