Corporate Management Consulting

The establishment and sustainable and steady operation of overseas agencies play a fundamental role in the improvement of resource allocation capacity, multinational operating capacity and the influence in global markets of China’s enterprises.

GoalFore Advisory is committed to facilitating the international and high-quality development of China’s foreign engineering contractors and delivering practical and sustainable solutions to localized and regional development.

Six Key Problems


The position of overseas agencies

Administrative level, management level and the role of strategy and operation


The relations between overseas agencies and related units

The relations between overseas agencies and local headquarters and other overseas organizations


The authorization of overseas agencies

The allocation of labor, funding, material and project, etc. and the power of decision


The establishment of internal structure of overseas agencies

The setting apartment, leadership team and allocation of personnel


The resource allocation of overseas agencies

The setting of apartment, leadership teams and the allocation of personnel


The appraisal of overseas agencies

Index setting and appraisal cycle

One Set of Procedures

Phase 1

Diagnosis of organization

Analysis of business

Diagnosis of organization

Diagnosis of resource

Phase 2

The structure design of overseas agencies

Setup of agency

Level of agency

Position of agency

Phase 3

The design of departments and posts of regional agencies

Allocation of leadership team

Setup of apartment and post

Setup of personnel

Phase 4

The design of the operating mechanism of overseas agencies

Work process

Coordination mechanism

Power and responsibility

Appraisal and assessment

Three Basic Files

Diagnosis of organization

Covering the analysis of business and the diagnosis of operating mechanism and resource allocation

Operation and management of overseas agencies

Covering the setup, positioning, management, authorities and responsibilities, staffing of overseas agencies and the management of financial capital, marketing and sales, performance and foreign affairs, etc.

Appraisal and assessment

Covering quantitative indexes, qualitative indexes, the weight of appraisal and special appraisal