International Project Finance Guide


China International Engineering Investment and financing Guide


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Product introduction

Under the global pandemic of Covid-19, financing has undoubtedly become the most important task for international contractors and investors.In order to help more enterprises to get the priorities in overseas projects, GoalFore finalised the China International Engineering Investment and Financing Guide based on the operation requirements and approvals of export credit banks, ECAs and governmental authorities.

This Guide is not a compilation of financing knowledge. Instead, it's a practical summary from front-line experts on financing including the needed documentations, procedures, skills and principles on the financing and getting permits.

The 200-thousand book covers the knowledge, procedures, requirements and skills for getting the approval of Government Concessional Loan and Preferential Buyer’s Credit, credit insurance. It offers the following contents with more than 100 cases and charts.

In Completion:

Financing skills of international project in a wide variation;

The required material list and documentation;

Requirements in different stages of application.

In Comparison:

Different requirements of various financing entities;

Avoiding being late or mimssing materials on application.

Clearly Show:

What to do during every application stage;

What kind of material needed and what approval to be achieved?

What to be noted?

The use of key documents and the way to get them.

This guide makes the knowledge and skills of financing clear and gice a chance to learn fron the others.

Applicable Users

Marketing Departments,Overseas Business Departments or International Business Departments

Financing and Investment Departments,Financial and Accounting Departments

Country Market Entities and Regional Operational Entities

Executives and Senior Managers.