Overseas Market Layout & Management

Focusing on international business and overseas markets, GoalFore provides multiple prestigious enterprises specialized in engineering with consulting services over the layout of overseas markets and management, mainly including services over the diagnosis of and advice on overseas market and services over dynamic management of overseas markets.

GoalFore provides tailored consulting plan and supporting solutions for enterprises in various stages of going global and has seen fine results.

Diagnosis of and advice on overseas market

We focus on

Diagnosis of the scale and layout of overseas markets

Diagnosis of overseas operation

Diagnosis of overseas management

Diagnosis of overseas development plan


We enable and assist clients

  1、to pinpoint and optimize their overseas market portfolio (quantity, geographic layout, priorities of overseas markets)

  2、to map the structure of markets in terms of position, economic prosperity and type of project

  3、to better overseas market development, operation and management system

  4、to categorize different markets, define their positions and formulate distinct development plans

  5、to scan and tap into potential opportunities in different overseas markets

Dynamic Management

We focus on

The standard and plan of entering new markets

The condition and plan of withdrawing from current markets

Feasibility analysis and the plan of establishing regional centers

The plan of comprehensive market appraisal


  1、To provide methodology and standard of market entry and withdrawal that could be gone by

  2、To reduce internal argument and management cost while making precise decision

  3、To Formulate targeted comprehensive appraisal in terms of operation, management and strategy for different markets in order to achieve targeted and scientific development