Corporate Insights

2021-2022 Benchmarking Analysis of World’s Top Contractors

A must for business managers.

The breakthrough development of the global landmark maker

The Creator of Business Ecology

Reforms Still On The Way

Yearning and Reality of the Corporate Reforms

Sailing Against the Current, Advance or Retreat

Start with a Great Emancipation of Mind

Play Hard on EPC and BOT

The Strategic Transformation of an Engineering Corperation

Struggling in the Great Era

Focus on Development with Strategic Shift

2020 China International Contractors Analysis Series Report

A Must for Business Executives | Paper Reports + Onling Reading

Watersheds in 2020

Leap-forward Development under the Leadership Efect

The Creator of Business Ecosystem

The Past has Past, while the Future has not Yet Come

Turn Inward and Examine Yourself

A New Era of Internationalisation

Is the Future Just a Dream

The Dark Horse of International Power Engineering?

The Past Was Tough, While the Future is Promising

Going a Step Further Above Excellence?

V-shaped inversion?

Where is the way towards the Future?

Analysis Series of European, American, Japanese and Korean Contractors

Analysis of 10 Representative Contractors in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea.

Analysis of SK Construction

Analysis of Salini Impregilo

Insights on Bouygues Group

Analysis of SKANSKA

Kashima Construction in Japan

Analysis of Spain Elecnor

South Korean Hyundai E&C Analysis

AECOM - Competing while Cooperating

VINCI - The Champion of Non-Chinese Contractors

ACS - The King of M&A that is Difficult to Replicate

2018 China International Contractors Analysis Series Report

A must to read for business executives | Paper Reports + Online Reading

Strategy Makes Future

Challenges and Future of Famous Commerial-Driven Engineering Company

The Way of Business of Comprehensive Equipment Manufacturers

Sailing Upstream

There is Still A Long Journey

CRCC In Numbers

Two Ways that Matter

Breakthrough of International Cement Engineering Contractors

Opportunities Work Overseas

Being Big Does Not Equal Strong

A Company That Cannot Be Imitated

The Rebirth of a International Engineering Company