Strategy Consulting

Focusing on global markets and overseas business, GoalFore has a broad range of prestigious clients including CEEC, Genertec, Sinomach, Gezhouba Group, CREC, etc. We are specialized in consulting services over the strategy of overseas corporate development, industrial development, market layout, management and control, M&A, supportive measures and other strategies.

Three Major Services


The assessment of the planning reports, constitutional documents and schemes of current overseas business.


The diagnosis of current overseas business model, organizational structure and management model


Ensuring a plan in accordance with the enterprise development, up-to-date strategy, and management control model.

Six Business Sectors

Three Major Roles

Method of pinpointing roles: working on a “to do list” in the early stage based on facts, communicating in detail with our clients and pinpointing the roles of both parties.

Effect of pinpointing roles: defining the functions, responsibilities and tasks of both parties to promote communication and work efficiency.


Taking a lead in the assessment, diagnosis and plan of strategy, function and business.


Cooperating with enterprises to see through assessment, diagnosis and plan in fields such as strategy, function and business in a coordinated way.


Assisting enterprises with the supply and integration of information and data to see current assessment, diagnosis and plan implemented.

One Set of Procedure and Measures

Procedure for Service

Four Decisions

Making decisions on main tasks, roles and teams of consultants

Negotiation and signing

Negotiating agreement in detail and signing agreement for cooperation

Work Plan Formulation

Method: information searching (questionnaire paired with interview), symposium, on-site survey, regular meeting, strategy propagation and implementation

Content: outline, details (depth, breadth and data), and schedule covering staged presentation, improvement and final product delivery

Project Implementation

Allocating professional teams for high-quality and efficient implementation

Delivery and acceptance

Signing confirmation of acceptance and receiving feedback from enterprises

Project Review

Holding meeting on project review

Consulting Methodology

Four Points





Four Practices

Strategy decision

structure improvement

resource allocation


Six Elements of Interview

1 Who
2 When
3 Where
4 How
5 Problem
6 Department