GoalFore is a boutique advisory firm based in Beijing, specializing in consultancy of international infrastructure contracting and investment. We are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive and professional services including management consulting of corporate globalization, overseas markets analysis, finance and competition strategy research.

Having served a great diversity of clients, GoalFore boasts strong reputation and track record among international contractors,infrastructure investors as well as governmental project owners.

GoalFore also takes advantage of its self-developed information and knowledge platforms that provide our clients with comprehensive and up-to-date intelligence. The platforms are comprised of GoalFore Online Academy, GoalFore APP and several public media outlets which jointly have over 170,000 subscribers.

Why Us

Dedication makes Perfection

GoalFore focused on research and consultancy in the value chain of international construction industry.

All of our consultants and researchers have first-hand experiences in overseas business-related governmental authorities, international contractors and ECAs.

Let Real Effects Talk

Under the principle of providing consultancy that leads to effective growth and improvement, we render practical solutions to enable enterprises to obtain better performance.

Track Record

We have served hundreds of prestigious corporate clients and financial institutions that undertaking international infrastructure projects and overseas investment and financing. GoalFore is your wise choice for constant promotion in overseas infrastructure strategy, management, market and development.