Human Resource Consulting

Core Purpose: To match the right person with right position in overseas business

What We Do?
(1) Bridge the gap between overseas strategic goal and human resource capacity
(2) Develop healthy relation between the responsibilities and power of overseas branches and positions
(3) Optimize incentive effect at the same time controlling salary costs
(4) Resolve the conflict between the distribution of key talents and the localization of staffs
(5) Achieve the balance between personnel introduction and layoff
(6) Coordinate human resource department and business units

Diagnosis of Overseas Human Resource Management

Diagnosis of Position Management System

Position requirement and allocation

Position description and responsibility

Competence management

Diagnosis of Compensation and Incentive System

Compensation structure and accounting

Compensation design of key positions

Design of incentive System

Diagnosis of Performance Management

Responsibility and power

Plan and appraisal

Tutoring and feedback

Overseas Career Development System

Talent introduction and cultivation

Talent cultivation and promotion

Talent retention and flow

Optimization of Overseas Human Resource Management

Optimization of management system

Optimization of management chain

Formulation of HR development strategy