Case Study on Practice of Market Development and Project Operation

Case Study on Practice of Market Development and Project Operation

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Product introduction

Case Study on Practice of Market Development and Project Operation is the exclusive original of Goalfore Advisory, which has now been published to the fifth volume since its production in 2018, with 160+ selected classic cases. Thousands of international engineering professionals have subscribed.

The guide covers six main topics:

  • Country and regional market analysis and development

  • Industry Status and Situation Forecasting

  • Project background interpretation and structure study

  • Strategic layout and high play operation of top contractors

  • Demystification of business routines and operation guidelines

  • Investment and financing channels and modes

Applicable object

  • Marketing Department, Overseas Business Department, International Business Department

  • (Investment) Financing Department, Finance Department

  • National companies, regional centres

  • Corporate Management

Directory section

Catalogue of Volume V
  • 2019 Foreign Contracting Projects Top 10 New Signings Explained

  • 2019 OFW Completions Explained

  • Opportunities in Latin America's small-country markets

  • Why Korea Electric Power is Investing in Indonesian Coal Power

  • Mayan Railways and the Mexican market

  • Local Component Requirements in the UAE from the Pipeline Authority's Winning Tender


  • CMEC International Operating Results Review Northern International Operating Results Review

  • CMEC Operating Results Review

  • CMEC's Overseas Control Model

  • Berkeley 丨The Politics and Diplomacy of American Contractors

  • Inspiration of Organisational Restructuring of China Construction International

  • The Possibility of a Merger between Gezhouba International and Energy Construction International

  • ACWA POWER (I) - Demystifying ACWA POWER's Success 
  • ACWA POWER (II) - ACWA power's capital operation
  • ACWA POWER (III) - ACWA Power-led Asset-backed Bonds

  • Talking about China Harbour's $5bn PPP project

  • The Reasons and Capital Behind China Construction Consortium's European M&A (I)

  • The Reasons and Capital Behind China Construction Consortium's European M&A (II)

  • CMC's Rivals and Partners in Nordic Projects

  • Speculation丨Why CMC can make a Hungarian PV investment project?

  • The Gains and Losses of the Monnet, Aji and Tanzan Railway and the Official Logic of Africa

  • Market Signals Released by Wanxi's €1.3bn PPP Project in Africa

  • EPC International's Indian Partner - An Alternative Opportunity for Chinese Contractors

  • Speculation丨Overseas logic of China Harbour's chairman's visit to Yuan Longping

  • Extra I If Chinese Contractors Make the US Entity List

  • Talking about the owner repayment of export selling loan + EPC

  • Why Shandong Electric Construction III should cooperate with CIC?

  • Borrowing丨How to use third-country credit insurance in overseas projects?

Catalogue of Volume IV
  • International Contracting Trends Behind the Data - ENR List Explained

  • The $14bn Iraq power reconstruction, how to split it?

  • Looking at the latest industry development opinions issued by the Ministry of Commerce and 19 other ministries from a contractor's perspective

  • CCCC's Pakistan coal power project looks at the relationship between EPC and investment

  • What the Latest Power Overseas Contracting Rankings Reveal

  • Ranking of companies with new overseas power project signings in China's power industry in 2019

  • Hong Kong, the most familiar and unfamiliar market for outbound contracting

  • The Data Behind China's Historic High in Foreign Contracting

  • The background of the integration of CMEC International and CMEC Overseas

  • Background of 2 well-known Chinese contractors "blacklisted" by the World Bank in September

  • Analysis | Why CMEC is transforming into agriculture in Pakistan?

  • Saudi Arabia's Gold Masters and Chinese Contractors: Gezhouba 2020

  • Speculation | CMEC's Post-Contracting Era

  • Uzbek PV and the Beijing Spa Boss

  • Reasons for Chinese contractors to buy Spanish counterparts

  • Speculation on why Spanish contractors sold out to Chinese companies

  • Background of Gezhouba taking Central Asia's hydropower plants

  • The Sanctions of the $1.4 Billion Vietnam Power Plant

  • The EPC that $4.2bn investment can't buy

  • Four dimensions speculate on the possibility of landing China Chemical's $90bn project

  • Behind the 420MW project of HEC International

  • Behind the Chinese Military Industrial Group Taking General Contracting Projects

  • Contractor's Descending Strike from Pakistan's Power Investment

  • A New Mode of Financing African Annuity Highway for DECC International

  • Who is the owner of Gezhouba Uganda's 500MW PV project in Africa?

  • Speculation | The Mystery Behind the Meeting Between Energy Construction Executives and Iraqi Deputy Prime Ministers

  • Extra | A Few Things to Talk About the U.S. Export-Import Bank

  • CITIC Construction's 3,500-unit housing project's high-level operation

  • Equator Principles - A New Trend in International Project Financing

  • The Politics Behind Russia's $8.6 Billion Project - Higher Order in International Engineering

Catalogue of Volume III
  • Interpretation丨China's top 50 overseas new power company signings

  • The end of the Angolan model? Causes and Consequences

  • 4 Directions This Summit Points to International Engineering

  • The Signal Behind the $14 Billion丨Iraqi Power Project Package

  • Hasina to Visit China, $2.3 Billion Loan, Which Contractor's Spring?

  • Extra丨Electricity, Mines and Agents in DRC

  • Two signals released at CITIC's mid-year meeting

  • Italian Contracting Giant Sells Out and the Risks of New Age International Engineering

  • Insights from the Growth of the World's Second Largest International Contractor

  • Three Gorges+Portugal Power's Overseas Layout and Latest Progress 

  • Xinhua Power - A New Investor in the South Asian Power Market

  • Bribing Canadian Contractors and Trudeau's Double Standard

  • CMEC's Overseas Partners and Potential Collateral Risks

  • Speculation 丨CMEC's way out

  • Botswana, Dubai, Iraq: The Reasons and Signals for CMEC's Top Executives to Visit Three Countries

  • Power Construction Gezhouba Three Gorges' Zimbabwe Debate

  • China Railway's Changes and CCCC's Possibilities

  • The Eastern European Choices of CMEC and XIV Bureau

  • Nantong Sanjian's Overseas Business

  • 10 small details behind Gezhouba's $12.5bn Pakistan project

  • What to make of the $3.6bn GDY Pakistan Refinery Project

  • The end of the $50bn Grand Canal

  • Textbook Business Conditions for TBEA's $1.1bn B0T Project in Guinea

  • No Coincidence - Shanghai Construction Engineering and Gezhouba's Tedo Project a Year in the Making

  • Seven Years of China Railway Bureau's Ghana Railway Project

  • Speculation | Why China Heavy Industry/Gezhouba won the 400MW Cambodia project?

  • Chatting about the Korean background of China Land Group's Myanmar project

  • Reasons why the Saudi Crown Prince should choose CMEC for his shares

  • CMEC's statement on Pakistani minister's remarks

  • The significance of Premier's visit to CMEC's Bangladesh project

  • Three key figures behind the $40bn Thai high-speed rail link

  • 5 Little Inspirations from Accompanying an African Agent to Meet a Japanese Contractor

Catalogue of Volume II
  • Bangladesh Elections and Chinese Contracting

  • This $60bn support to Africa is not as surprising as it looks

  • How long can Pakistan's economy last

  • The key points of China Construction's PPP project in Argentina, where the currency is devalued by more than 50 per cent

  • Why is ICBC financing Turkey at this point? Politics in International Engineering

  • Extra | The political strongman behind China Construction's new Egyptian capital project

  • 10 features of the Middle East Gulf States engineering market in 2018

  • Indonesia's Java Power Plant's Right Hand Man

  • Contractor's waxing and waning from CCCC's largest single government cash project in the Americas

  • The Age of Greatness in International Engineering - Bureau of China Railway Fourth Bureau Zimbabwe Project

  • CIC's Choice - The Logic Behind the Window Company's Acquisition of Design Institutes

  • Chen Dong's Itinerary and China Railway Construction's Overseas Strategy

  • Extra | China Railway 22nd International Company's Doubts and Meng's Forecasting Ability

  • International Engineering Changes at Every ‘8’

  • The Era of Winners Taking All in International Engineering arrived

  • The company and project structure behind the Laos dam collapse

  • Myanmar's Possible Logic for Significantly Reducing Investment in CITIC Consortium's Kyaukphyu Port Project

  • Small Equity Prying the Price Factor of EPC - CECC's Latest Indonesia Project as an Example

  • Textbook business conditions for TBEA's $1.1bn BOT project in Guinea

  • Speculation | Why is CECC silent on its $6.1bn Egypt project this time?

  • Extra | The $4.3bn Kuwait airport project that prompted design institutes to go overseas

  • The Black History Behind $18bn African Hydroelectric Project?

  • A reference of a large-scale road and bridge project in a developed country (with bid evaluation and scoring criteria).

  • The Chinese Contractor of Dasu Hydropower Station and the Financing Model of the World Bank.

  • Why did China Railway lose the big project it had followed for 10 years and taken for 6 years?

  • How to project IRR for hydropower projects jointly bid by Three Gorges/China Water/ACS?

  • Some information about Saudi Arabia's $3+bn project signed by DECC

  • Inspiration from Shenzhen Energy+Power Construction Consortium's Pacific Island Projects

  • Southeast Asia's Largest Gas-fired Power Station - Japan, Korea and US Alliance, Chinese Companies' Outing

  • Extra | 5 Steps for the World Bank to Pull the Plug on a Company

  • Extra | China-Africa Forum High-Level Business Event Prequel

  • Using China Railway as an example to see how to do intelligence work for international projects?

  • Speculating on the Business Logic of the Pacific Construction-Central Railway Consortium's Ukraine Metro PPP

  • Contractor #1, Highway #1, Chief #1

  • In Africa, how to stir up a project that someone else is bidding for?

Catalogue of Volume I
  • The Rise and Fall of Industries and Companies Revealed by International Engineering ToplOO

  • 8 Issues and Responses to CMEC's Change of Command Window Company

  • Gezhouba's International Attack

  • The Chinese private enterprise that took the first photovoltaic project in Kazakhstan

  • The Decline of GE Power

  • CMEC's President Becomes Chairman of China Railway to See Contractor Changes

  • US$1.3bn, CMEC's unorthodox hydropower plant financing for foreigners

  • A little history for the Chinese owner of Tianjin Electric Construction's 378MW project in Ghana

  • Analysis | Why CMEC Transforms to Do Agriculture in Pakistan?

  • The Story Behind Samsung/GE's 1,760MW Largest Gas-Fired Power Plant in Indonesia

  • 5 dimensions to see the success rate of DECC's $17.8bn Indonesia hydropower landings

  • The Financing Beginnings of ZTE's $1.5 Billion Project in Ethiopia

  • The Success Factors of China Harbour's Winning Indian Metro Bid

  • Bangladesh's $3bn BOC Financing Finally Signed, What's the 2 Year Delay?

  • Shanghai Power, CMEC and GE in Mozambique's 300MWB00 Project

  • The Interpretation of the Triple Triad in Shandong Electric Construction's Three Indian Projects

  • From Shanghai Electric's US$3.9bn Project, 4 Elements of Middle East Project Details and Success

  • Behind China Road and Bridge's First Major EU Project

  • Why Gezhouba Can Get $2 Billion Vietnam Project from Korean Consortium?

  • CMEC and Pakistan Thar Coalfield Project

  • Shanghai Electric - Dongfang Electric and Egypt Project Background and Egyptian Electricity Market

  • How to play PPP in Africa? Mozambique's first solar power financing closes

  • Sanctions for $1.4bn Vietnam power plant

  • Libya, Korean contractors have acted

  • Success or failure of Gezhouba's Nepal project looks at the game of international engineering

  • An equipment private enterprises to take Mongolia's ultra-high unit price power plant EPC, reveals what information?

  • China's electric construction contract Southeast Asia's largest photovoltaic market signals?

  • The New Model of Foreign Contracting: Winning Bids at $0 and Barbarians at the Gate

  • Other contractors are playing the leader's card, CCCC is to catch a card for the leader to play

  • From the visit to the President of Zimbabwe, see the vision and business gap of NEC, DEC and CCCC

  • Cutting to the President of China, Jiangxi International is not the same business routine

  • Equator Principle - New Trend in International Engineering Financing

  • Eight Understandings and Experiences of Overseas Business Development and Execution of Sinohydro International - Latin America

  • From the Journey of a Pakistani Electricity Small Project to the Project Channel of Third-Tier Contractors

  • The Treatment of CCCC, Beijing Construction Engineering, Tiejian and Gezhouba from the Visit of the Prime Minister of TEDO to China

  • From the layout of countries that have never established diplomatic relations, see the market sense of excellent business-oriented companies

  • Overseas visits