Analysis and interpretation of contractors in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea

Analysis and interpretation of contractors in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea

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China's international engineering contracting having been developed for 40 years, and there are four positions for European, American, Japanese and Korean contractors:

A role model for learning
Reference for benchmarking
Rival in competition
Partner for co-operation

These four positioning, with the international engineering contracting from Asia, Africa and Latin America to Europe, America and Australia, from EPC to PPP and M&A, constantly promote the Chinese enterprises to feel and explore, learn and grow. In this regard, on the occasion of the successive visits of the President and the Prime Minister to Europe, we are launching the

Analysis and interpretation of contractors in

Europe, America, Japan and South Korea

This series consists of 10 separate reports, each analysing a representative international contractor from a developed country:


Holding the top of ENR International's list for more than 10 years: ACS



The King of American engineering design / old friend of Chinese overseas projects: AECOM



"Bulldozer" of cross-border M&A in the contracting sector: Vinci


Korea's top foreign contractor: Hyundai E & C

Hyundai Engineering & Construction.png

A leader in new energy from Spain: Elecnor

Elecnor .png


Nordic construction headliner / PPP giant across Europe, Asia and America: Skanska



China's biggest Japanese rival in Latin America and Southeast Asia: Kajima



Overseas road, bridge and tunnel expert in both business and political relations: Bouygues


The world's top three hydropower companies, comparable to PowerChina and Gezhouba: Salini Impregilo

意大利 Salini Impregilo.png


Partnering with China Construction to deepen the development of the Middle East and North Africa market: SK

SK E&C .png

In each report, we will analyse and interpret the developed country contractors that Chinese companies need to benchmark, compete and cooperate with in dimensions:
✦ History and development trajectory
✦ Business status and overseas layout
✦ Operating data and performance changes
✦ Core Competitiveness
✦ Problems and challenges
✦ Competition/cooperation judgement with Chinese companies.


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